Member Benefits
Member Benefits

AANA Member Benefits include: 

  • A full-time staff of lobbyists and regulatory experts fighting for CRNA practice rights on Capitol Hill
  • A full-time staff of state legislative experts advising the state associations on issues like anesthesiologist assistants. 
  • FREE consultations with expert staff on practice issues, research initiatives, business matters, and more
  • Convenient CE tracking & automatic submission to the NBCRNA for you. CE transcripts are only available for the entire year you’re a paid AANA member
  • Only AANA members can track Class B credits in real-time on Once submitted, the Class B credits will automatically appear on your AANA transcript.
  • Public and provider education on matters of patient safety
  • A free "Basic Subscription" to the CRNA Knowledge Network (earn 10+ free CE)
  • Discounted rates on four-part interactive AANA CPC Core module series
  •  15% off AANA Annual Congress (a value of up to $110)
  •  Bi-monthly issues of the AANA Journal (print + online + mobile)
  •  Member-only benefits such as malpractice, disability, health, and life insurance discounts vary.
  •  Weekly Anesthesia E-ssentials e-newsletter
  •  Member Advantage Program discounts on banking, insurance, office supplies, practice tools, student loan debt consolidation or refinancing, and travel. (discounts vary)
  •  Quarterly Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation Newsletter
  •  Ability to vote, hold office, and serve on committees